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1.  Devender Dutt Gaur         Black Belt 5th Dan    (June 2009 4th Dan)    (June 2011 5th Dan)
2.  Harminder Gaur              Black Belt 3rd Dan    June 2010
3.  Satender Rana               Black Belt 1st Dan     June 2009
4.  Siddharth Wason           Black Belt 1st Dan      June 2010
5.  Suman Rulania              Black Belt 1st Dan      June 2010
6.  Sumit Bhargava              Black Belt 1st Dan     June 2010
7.  Karan Gaur                    Black Belt 1st Dan     June 2011
8   Puneet Sharma              Black Belt 1st Dan     June 2011
9   Sushil Bakshi                Black Belt 1st Dan     June 2011
10 Luv Kumar Bharti            Black Belt 1st Dan     June 2011
11 Rakesh Kumar               Black Belt 1st Dan     June 2011
12 Monika Jadon                Black Belt 1st Dan      June 2011
13 Ashish Verma                Black Belt 1st Dan     June 2011
14 Ashutosh Saini              Black Belt 1st Dan     June 2011

Sqay Federation Of India
List of Black Belt

Grandmaster Nazir Ahmad Mir Founder of SQAY
(Traditional Martial Art Of Kashmir)

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